​In two months of 2 days per week sessions, I have developed a stronger core, become more flexible and virtually eliminated my low back pain.  It works! 


If it weren't for Melissa and her fabulous Pilates, I would not be able to do what I do today. I feel so much better after working with Melissa for the past year than I have in a long time.Her patience and guidance and lots of laughter have been wonderful. If anybody had ever told me that I would miss not going each week , I would have thought they were crazy. However, I really do look forward to going.

Susie Robinson

Melissa Fagan is a hard working and dedicated Pilates professional! I am proud to say she is one of "My Girls"!  I am confident in her ability to provide Classical Pilates to all who work with her...keeping bodies strong and the tradition alive. She is committed to the well being of each of her clients....( and ...she's fun to be around...) My only regret is that she doesn't work at The Pines Studio for Pilates!!! ( and I want only the BEST).

Missy Becker-Noll (Master Instructor for Peak Pilates)

Mixed in with my 10K and half-marathon training, my weekly Pilates session has improved my running performance while helping keep me injury free!  At The Wall instructors do a terrific job of tailoring my workout session to address my trouble spots through specific strength training and flexibility moves.

Jim Dietz

At 66 I was looking for a challenging form of exercise that would improve my strength and endurance and not cause wear and tear on my joints and was fun!!! I am a retired physical therapist and know the importance of good body mechanics, the importance of weight bearing on bone density and the importance of keeping good range of motion in your joints.  It was at that point that I met Melissa and began taking mat classes in Pilates.  Four years later, I am a devoted Pilates student and I feel stronger and more energetic at almost 70 years of age.  I take mat classes and small group classes on specialized equipment and I ENJOY each class.  Melissa and her instructors are excellent at adapting to clients special needs and they make classes fun as well as challenging. I hope I have many years of Pilates training ahead of me at this wonderful, well equipped studio.

Marcie Buchwalter

I thought I knew Pilates....Until I met Melissa & then she REALLY taught me about Pilates! I've been training with Melissa for 3+ years & through TWO pregnancies!! I can honestly say Melissa is THE best Pilates instructor I've known in the 10+ years I've been practicing and in multiple cities!! I've never been more in tune with my body & felt the benefits of Pilates more, especially after 2 babies! If you want to learn classical Pilates & reap all the benefits, definitely visit Melissa & her team at At The Wall Pilates!! They are the best!

Jessica Vukmir

I was hesitant to start Pilates, but I knew I needed a change from weight training. I ventured into a few private sessions and a 4-person chair class with Melissa. Now, four years later, there is nothing that can make me miss my private session or chair class each week. I am so much stronger in my core than I ever thought possible.  My posture is better, and the minor aches and pains caused by daily life are alleviated because of my work with Melissa.  I thoroughly enjoy everything that Melissa's state of the art studio has to offer. She and her staff of talented instructors have been integral to my success at - At The Wall Pilates!

RoxAnne Voelker